Driven Episode 2 – The Sickness

Technically, same crew, same gear has been used as in Ep1. Recording techniques were a lot easier given the very spacious cars we worked with.

We shot 2 different vintage V8 muscle cars, the first one was a Plymouth Road Runner, yes, the legendary ‘Meep Meep’! For someone like me, that honestly doesn’t know much about muscle cars, at first glance it looks like a very well maintained old car, that you would take for a cruising road trip and sight seeing, but Brian Dale (the owner) said at one point of time “All right, let’s give it a little squirt”, he then slammed the pedal on the floor, my breath was completely taken away, my eyes opened really wide when I felt the power that car had, absolutely unbelievable! To top it all, I was lucky to be under the headphones and fully experienced an augmented reality moment!! Totally unreal!¬† I also had, once again, the opportunity to spend most of the time in the foot well of the passenger seat, which was a lot more spacious and ‘comfortable’ compare to the tiny little Porsche!! We spent a few hours doing passing by, beautiful drone shots in a light fog and we moved on to Dodge Charger.

That was an equally impressive piece of car, the sound it makes is absolutely incredible, with lots more power in it I felt. We pretty much covered a few different scenes and sequences for a few hours, we then moved on to interview Brian in his garage, Road Runner Exhaust in Heidelberg West, where he builds and fixes his antique cars and looks after his customers too. We had the chance to see the back yard of his garage where he had a quite a few more gems and beasts in the making.

We had to come back another day to film the last car for this episode, which was another 1970 Plymouth¬† Super Bird built for Nascar, the funny thing is that car actually has the original horn that is used in the Road Runner cartoons!! It performed incredibly well in the Calder Park Thunder dome Nascar race track. The track is now closed down but we managed to get access to it for a day, I had never been on a Nascar race track before, that was very entertaining! Just before wrapping up, I did ask Brian if I could record the horn, he was only too happy to ‘Meep Meep’ a few times!! I was in the cartoon instantly, looking out for the Coyote!!

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Coming soon Driven Episode 3 – High Maintenance

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