Driven Episode 3 – High Maintenance


Sandra Horne is a 60s pin-up and promo model, host of her own YouTube car show,  loves nothing more than getting out on the open road and traveling incredible distances across Australia in her 60’s inspired 1932 Ford 5 Window Coupe, yet she’s equally at home racing the Hot Rod down the tarmac drag strip.

This episode was kind of challenging for sound recording, I was not allowed to put any recording device in the front of the engine for two reasons, first, the front of the car had no bonnet, the engine was fully exposed to wind, second, Sandra, was not comfortable with me fixing anything in the front section of the car, which I can totally understand and respect…

I had to be quick in my thinking and come up with alternatives to get the needed sounds to match the chasing shots of the front of the car, the good thing is we started the day by recording passing by’s at high and medium speed, which gave me more time to figure out alternatives.

Things got really exciting when we headed to the Heatcote Park Drag Strip, we spent a few hours there doing beautiful gimble shots by the very talented David Franjic, the thrilling part was the burn out shots!!! Once again, I got to hide in the foot well of the passenger seat while Sandra was going completely mental in doing her burn outs, she was incredibly good at it!!! Between two takes, she casually mentioned that she drove from Melbourne all the way to Ayers Rock and back with her hotrod!!! That’s about 2.500 kms one way, on her own!!! I found that completely amazing!! I did the drive myself in my comfortable Toyota Kluger and found it very hard!! Anyway, I managed to capture really nice sounding burn outs from the inside as well as from the outside with my Mid Side kit!! Sounds sick!

I also requested to Sandra if we could get away in a quiet spot, away from all the talking on set to record additional material and she was very keen, so we went off at a couple of km’s from the track and did a few take off, arrive to a stop, fast, medium and slow speed as well as gear shifting, doors opening, closing with 360 degrees idle pans that can be heard on the drone shot passing slowly over the car on the track…

Recording the back of the car was a lot easier, there was a perfect spot where I had fixed the zoom recorder, really close to the exhaust and away from any wind, sounded really good…

We finished the day near a beautiful little lake which gave us really nice dawn light for some beauty shots! It was gorgeous… I love my job!!

Written by Hassan Lahrech

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